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        Jiangsu Wuxi Er-Jian Construction Group Co., Ltd. (JSWXEJ) was founded in August 1975 with the capital of more than RMB 180 million now. Being a main contractor with the first class accreditation in national building industry, the company has established its leading position in contracting and constructing all kinds of construction and installation projects including infrastructure construction, main structural building, metal structural fabrication and emplacement, public service construction, industrial facility hoisting and installation, interior and exterior decoration, fire-fighting and environment protection installation, mechanical and electrical and HVAC etc. The enterprise has its own quality-control center for building projects and it also runs the business of real-estate development, construction manpower service, building materials trading, equipment renting and property management. Furthermore, it possesses the right for overseas project contracting authorized by the State Ministry of Commerce. The total assets now have reached RMB 15.8 billion with annual construction area of 1.3-1.5 million square meters.

        The company implements the general-manager-responsibility system under the leadership of directors with perfect structure of business entity. The managerial departments are respectively responsible for bidding and tendering operation, project management, quality management security, research and development, cost accounting, finance, auditing, manpower service, Information??management center etc. It has established its own subsidiary companies not only locally but also in other cities, which are mainly running different business items such as manpower service, equipment installation, construction machinery, decoration, metal structures, public service Infrastructures, equipment renting and transportation, material supply and so on. Averagely 25-30 construction projects are performed every year.

        It has a strong professional team of 352 in which 37 are senior professional, 91 project managers with accredited certificates (25 with First Degree) as well as a lot of certified managers and supervisors in charge of special project operation.

        Good quality, high speed, low cost and best service are the core of its management. The company has been conferred golden and silver prize respectively for the national building construction, the best golden award for national public service construction, the award of “Tai Lake Cup” for its excellent quality in Wuxi , also the award of“Yangtze Cup” in Jiangsu Province. Besides, it has completed a number of provincial and national reputable and demonstration projects due to the application of new technology and it has been given the honour of model unit of quality management in Jiangsu Province and in China as well. It has been granted by the provincial government administration section as the leading enterprise in management and construction security for consecutive ten years with ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 accredited certificates.

        The company insists on the simultaneous development of both material civilization and spiritual values, which is well received by the society. Various awards have been given such as National May Day Labour Prize, National Advanced Construction Enterprise, National Model Unit of Spiritual Value Civilization in Construction Organizations, the Leading Enterprise in Jiangsu Construction Industry, the Civilized Unit in Jiangsu Province, the Advanced Enterprise in Wuxi, the Grade AAA Enterprise of Financial Credit due to its honouring the contract and keeping the promise.

        JSWXEJ is famous among the professional construction companies with good reputation in Wuxi area and even in the whole province. It is a backbone enterprise in Wuxi with the building experience of 30 years, which is also well communicated with government organizations. Meanwhile, it has cooperated well with many enterprises in different fields such as building project, projects supervision, building design, special operation and construction etc.

        It is expecting to cooperate with the friends in the building industry as well as friends both at home and abroad, providing satisfactory services to various clients and organizations.

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